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Credit Card payment completed.

Welcome to the Robe Tourism Association (RTA).

As you have paid your subscription by credit card, you have immediate access to your account. If you are ready to submit your business listing, you can do this straight away. The details you will need to do this are:

  • Business Name
  • A description of your business and it's products and/or services
  • A business logo - in a suitable image file-type such as a PNG or JPG file
  • An image of the business
  • Business operating hours
  • Also any contact details that you'd like displayed to the public, such as address, phone number, email address
  • **Website link/URL (if you have one)
  • **Social media account links/URL's (for Facebook and/or Instagram)

** At this time, the links for websites and social media accounts will need to be the full address, including the 'https://www' at the beginning.  eg. an address of '' will need to be ''