RTA Membership

The registration of membership with the RTA will enable you to feature your business on the Robe website. You will then be able to login at any time in future to manage your listing and take care of any changes or additions that you require.

The process will be the following:

  1. Register/Sign-up your account (using the form below)
  2. Visit your account area and click the red button 'View Subscription Options'
  3. Select your desired Subscription (Full Member or Ancillary Member) and continue with your payment preference
  4. Once the account is verified and active*, you will get access to your 'Account' page.
  5. From the Account page you can manage your personal and business details as well as submit your business listing

*If you pay by credit card you will have full access to your account straight away. If you are paying by direct bank transfer, verification by RTA admin will be required before having access to your account. You will receive email notification when this is done (typically within 1-2 working days)

Please complete the details and register below
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