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Surrounded by sparkling, aquamarine ocean fed by The Bonney Upwelling on three sides there is a finality to your arrival in Robe, South Australia and this is not just because you can’t drive through this small coastal town.

Many travelers have arrived in Robe and found themselves captivated by her beauty and charm, so much so that they decide to stay permanently and add their own particular magic into the alfresco mixing pot of this seaside village.

Local Attractions

There are so many things to do while visiting Robe...

If you are looking for more ideas, be sure to click on the icon's below to find out what Robe has to offer.

Robe Obelisk promotional panoramic
Aerial view of Robe


There are a mix of large major events at certain times of the year, and there are smaller regular events as well. It's worth keeping an eye on what's coming up to prepare for what to do while you're in town.

What's Happening in Robe

There's always something happening in Robe that's worth having a look at. During the Holiday times, there's usually something for everyone.

There's always something new coming up so come back from time to time to check and see what's new.

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Arts & Culture

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Family Fun

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Fitness & Outdoors

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Food & Drink

Games & Activities

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Markets & Festivals


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What to Eat & Drink

If you are a 'foody' or you love your wine, beer or even gin, Robe has it all. The artisan creators of Robe are some of the many gems to be found and it's worth your time to see what they all have to offer.

Offerings include authentically made European pastries, locally brewed beer, specialty cuisine and of course there are the varied wines from the many wineries from the Limestone Coast.

Crayfish on the table in a restaurant in Robe
Wine and nibbles in Robe
Morning criossant and coffee in Robe

Where To Stay

There is no shortage of accommodation options. Take your pick, but be quick! All the best spots get snapped up before you know it.

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Retail & Services

For those everyday services & trades that we all need from time to time. From petrol stations and hardware stores, to plumbers, electricians and more...

retail shopping in Robe
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Fruit and veg in Robe supermarket

Robe Art Map

The colourful and interactive Robe Art Map.

The map itself and all the icons are created by a local Robe artist with a passion for adventure and story telling. Immerse yourself in the map and discover a more unique way to experience Robe.

It's a wonderful way to get an overview of the town and the surrounding region and maybe you'll even discover some hidden gems that you didn't realise existed.

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